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If there is a gap, something will fill it. This principle also applies in the world of trading. Some brokers do not stand up to the competition even after many years of operation. Some simply change their market orientation. And in the face of these changes, new brokers and trading platforms are emerging. Recently, there has been increasing interest in the new broker, and there is probably a good reason for this. As always, we tried to conduct an objective analysis of the action of the new broker in the role of the user. And it is from the user’s point of view to understand how reliable and profitable this broker is.

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Investago Licensing and Regulation

First, let’s look at the benefits of trading with a regulated broker. Regulated brokers must follow a set of rules designed to protect investors’ assets. This is the main reason why regulation is so important. Each regulated broker is subject to a “net capital rule” which prescribes a minimum amount of capital that must be maintained in liquid form. In this way, investors are protected by a “safety net” in the event that the broker is forced out of business. In addition to the requirement to maintain minimum capital, regulated brokers in most jurisdictions are required to keep all client funds separate in segregated accounts so that client funds are not accidentally (or intentionally) used for purposes other than executing client trades. Some countries, such as the UK, even offer government-backed deposit insurance for their regulated brokers, so clients can recover some or all of their funds even if the brokers manage to embezzle them.

In the case of the InvestaGo broker, it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). Information about the license is also provided on the broker’s official website. The existence of strong regulatory bodies such as CySEC is necessary to keep market abuse and money laundering to a minimum. Investors and traders can fully trust CySEC regulated businesses as they offer protection and security. CySEC, the Cyprus securities regulator, regulates the financial sector. Its aim is to guarantee the protection of traders through effective supervision.

Investago – Investment instruments

Now let’s take a closer look at why this broker could be interesting for us from a business point of view. Although the broker is only in the first stages of its activity, it can already boast a good portfolio of trading tools. In the upper right corner of the website you will find the menu button and the Go Trading section. Once you click on this button, you will get access to the complete portfolio.

One could say that this is a classic brokerage series. However, rest assured that in the near future, this broker will bring more and more options to traders. But that’s not all. Once you click on forex or commodities for example, you will be redirected to another page with a brief explanation of what the page is about.

You might be wondering what it’s for. In this regard, the broker and the creators of the website thought mainly of newcomers to the market and placed this function on their site just for them. So it’s kind of a little kind of a little informative reminder of what that option entails.

We believe that it will be useful to take a deeper look at each of the trading tools offered by the InvestaGo broker. So let’s get down to it:

  • Foreign exchange trading, better known as Forex or FX, refers to the buying and selling of currencies in order to make a profit from changes in their value. Since forex is by far the largest market in the world, larger than the stock exchange or any other market, it is highly liquid. This market attracts many traders, both beginners and more experienced.
  • Commodity trading dates back to ancient times; the rise of many empires can be directly linked to their ability to create complex barter systems and facilitate the exchange of commodities. In the most basic sense, commodities are known as risky investments because their market (supply and demand) is greatly affected by uncertainties that are difficult or impossible to predict, such as unusual weather fluctuations, epidemics, and disasters caused by both natural and human forces. For investors, commodities can be an important way to diversify a portfolio beyond traditional securities. There are a number of ways to invest in commodities, such as futures contracts, options and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), giving investors options to choose what kind of risk they want to take and how.
  • A stock market index, also known as a stock index, measures a portion of the stock market. In other words, the index measures the change in share prices of different companies. A stock index is determined by calculating the prices of certain stocks (usually a weighted average). It is a tool widely used by financial institutions and investors to compare returns on specific investments and to describe the market.
  • A share represents a unit of ownership in a company. Shareholders are entitled to the profit that the company receives in the form of dividends. They are also the bearers of any losses that the company may suffer. Simply put, if you are a shareholder in a company, you hold a percentage of the ownership of the issuing company

After familiarizing himself with the information, the trader can start working immediately, or he can launch the great “Demo” button. And you can read more about this in the next paragraph.

Demo account

The demo account button is hidden between pages. On the homepage, you only have the option to login or register, but there is no mention of a demo version. However, once you decide exactly what you want to trade and go to the tools page, voila.

For example, if you want to try a stock, go to the stock page and you will see a demo account option at the bottom.

You will then go through the standard registration process. Judging by the fact that there is no information about how long the demo account is valid, it is assumed that it is unlimited in time, just like the trading account.

A few seconds later you will receive a confirmation link in your email and you can test your trading skills. So what are the main benefits of a demo trading account? One of the most important advantages is the fact that you can get some practice without losing your hard-earned money. Similar to fun games on gambling sites, a demo account allows you to trade effectively, but you neither win nor lose money. It’s just a very good way to get a feel for this type of trading, so you can see if you’re comfortable with it, proficient at it, and enjoy it before you commit to trading with real money. It’s the perfect way to learn more about this type of trading and see if it’s right for you, rather than jumping headfirst into it and losing money only to find out that it doesn’t appeal to you.

Business account

As for the trading account, everything is the same. On the home page, select the Registration option and fill in your information. By the way, the registration form for demo and trading account is exactly the same.

Just a few clicks of the mouse and you can already use the services on the website and multiply your experience and capital. Another good bonus is that the broker does not charge any account fees. However, if you do not use your account for a month, the Investago broker reserves the right to charge you €100 for account downtime. However, we recommend trying the trading account only after using the demo account. It will help you develop your trading skills and feel more comfortable trading, as well as balance your knowledge. Since InvestaGo is a broker that cares about the education of its traders, you will find a real trading educational treasure on the website, which we will tell you about in the next part of our review.

Investago Education

Let’s start with an intimidating, albeit very real, truth: trading didn’t become such a lucrative business because it was a simple practice. While the concept itself is easy to understand, the millions of intricacies involved in smart and successful trades are not something that can be grasped at random. Most traders lose money. So if you are thinking of starting, you must realize that it is very difficult.

Trading is also not a matter where there is such a thing as “one right way”. The best way to approach it as a newbie, or even as an experienced trader looking to improve their skills, is to absorb the research and hear some expert opinions as part of that research.

On the website of the InvestGo broker, you have a fantastic opportunity to expand your trading knowledge with innovative materials.

Guide for new traders

In this section you will find a large and useful collection of tutorials on various business situations or cases that may arise. Just choose the section you are interested in, click on it, and you will automatically see a detailed description of the information, including examples. The broker offers this option completely automatically and of course, behind this step there are many hours of hard work and InvestaGo deserves a big plus for it. Not every broker has such a function. It should be emphasized that this collection of tutorials is regularly updated. All information is prepared by professionals and not amateurs from the world of trading.

Quiz to test your knowledge

Yes, you read that right. The creators of the InvestaGo broker have demonstrated a unique marketing move and give you the opportunity to take a trading quiz right on the website and thus confirm your trading skills, which we recommend.

It can be a challenge for newbies and a fun diversion for experienced traders. When it comes to trading, determining what type of trader you are will help determine what types of trading strategies you will use and how often you will use them. If you’re a beginner, you might think you don’t know enough about trading to determine what type of trader you are. But don’t worry – there are people who have been trading for years, but even if you pressed them to the fire, they would be hard-pressed to give you a straight answer. Anyway, we encourage you to take the time to try this quiz. The results may surprise you, may delight you – you will find that out for yourself.

Investago TV – video content for traders

If reading isn’t your favorite way to get information, you can watch them. InvestaGo broker prepares great video content dedicated to trading. It is a weekly overview of economic, business and world financial news. The videos are in Czech, so there is no language barrier for Czech traders. It’s a really convenient way to receive information and follow the news. Imagine enjoying your morning cup of coffee and expanding your financial knowledge by watching a helpful video.

InvestaGo website interface

The official website of the broker is still in the stage of elaborate creation, but it already contains a lot of information. Let’s take the Market News section as an example. This means that you will not only find trading opportunities on the site, but also a source of useful information from the financial world. Real traders should appreciate this. In our opinion, there is still space for creators to get the website into a better shape. At the moment, it gives you a felling, that it is just a website for mobile application. 

The website and its content create a sense of transparency and clarity of the broker’s activities. The interface is designed in white-black-red colors. The website provides detailed information on what documents are required to verify the merchant, trading conditions and contact details. There is no chatbot here. However, email addresses and phone numbers are available to contact the operators. Support is available 24/5 and you’ll get a response fairly quickly.

The InvestaGo trading platform is really client friendly. However, let’s see what a trading platform is from a technical point of view.

A trading platform is a software system used to trade securities. It allows investors to open, close and manage market positions online through a financial intermediary such as an online broker.

Key features of a good trading platform:

  • Trading platforms are software systems used to execute and manage market positions.
  • Trading platforms can offer an easy-to-use interface with basic order entry screens for novice investors.
  • They may also offer more sophisticated tools such as real-time streaming quotes, advanced charting tools, live news feeds, educational resources and access to proprietary research.
  • Traders and investors should consider fees and features when comparing trading platforms.

We can observe all of the above points at the InvestaGo broker.

Investago mobile app

Nowadays, almost every brokerage firm offers its own application for online trading. The growth of mobile applications is undeniable and unstoppable. Some apps are even trying to integrate artificial intelligence and various new features are being added to these apps. Efficiency, ease of use, flexibility, security and greater availability have made mobile trading the preferred choice for many.

Investago is no exception and also offers a mobile version of its website.

It is difficult to imagine a broker without a mobile application, because this way of using the site is very flexible, especially nowadays. You can download it by clicking on InvestaGo on the AppStore or Google Play.

We cannot leave out the key benefits of mobile business apps, which include:

  • Easy to use: Orders can be entered quickly and effortlessly in mobile trading apps. Ease of use is much greater compared to desktop terminals.
  • Live portfolio overview and market updates: With the mobile trading app, you can view market data like stocks, commodities, stock indices, etc. anytime on the go. You can also track your portfolio, its underlying assets and past performance.
  • Notification feature: One of the winning features of the market trading apps is the notification feature. No matter where you are, the app will send you notifications informing you of the latest developments in your portfolio as well as broker recommendations.
  • Related news updates: In online trading applications, users can also follow live updates on developments related to a particular stock or segment.
  • Research reports: Trading applications also offer information from experts or brokerage firms in the form of up-to-date research reports.
  • Analysis and charts: In case stock traders decide to trade securities, they can choose from a range of traders: One of the most useful features of the trading applications is the historical charts and analysis option that provides insight into past data on indices, prices stocks and provide analytical tools for this.

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Payment and withdrawal options

There are many different payment methods available when trading online – different brokers support different deposit and withdrawal options. All merchant payment methods also have different advantages and disadvantages related to fees, processing time and limits.

For some merchants, the time it takes to process a payment is crucial, while other merchants don’t mind waiting a few days. Likewise, depending on whether you will be doing many small transactions or fewer large ones, transaction costs may be more or less important.

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options at the InvestaGo broker, the broker has a lot to do. Although classic options are already available – bank transfer or card payment:

  • A bank transfer, also known as an electronic transfer, is a way of transferring money from one account to another. Individuals can make payments domestically or internationally, meaning it is suitable for many merchants. Bank transfer also has strict rules, so it is considered safe for storing large amounts of money;
  • After entering the card payment page, the merchant is prompted to enter credit/debit card details (credit card number, name on card, expiration date, CVV/CVC) into the appropriate payment form, after which the transaction is processed and either immediately approved and settled , or is rejected. Some brokers have tried to increase the security of this process by enabling the option to save the merchant’s card details so that he does not have to enter them in the payment form every time.

Anyway, the minimum deposit is quite high compared to other traders. According to some sources, it seems that the amount of min. deposit will change as more payment methods are added and the amount becomes more flexible.

And a few words in conclusion

This is a new broker on the market and we tried to be objective and fair in our review. There are no limits to perfection and it is good if the broker does not stop at the achieved level. We can see growing potential and growing interest from traders. We want to highlight the comprehensive list of benefits of the broker. Some of the pros include the following:

  • license availability
  • demo account with unlimited time limit
  • solid trading portfolio
  • technical support phone numbers
  • training materials
  • Global market news section

Since the broker has more work ahead of him and there are no limits to perfection, here are some disadvantages:

  • limited list of payment method
  • high minimum deposit
  • no chatbot

From the user’s and trader’s point of view, this is a broker worth working with. We will monitor what is new with the broker and inform you.

New broker – new experience.

At the end of our InvestaGo review, we want to share with you some information on how to start trading and not get lost in the world of trading. If you are considering trading for the first time or are returning to trading after a break, here are some tips to follow.

1. Have a reason to trade

There are many reasons why people get into trading. However, if your main motive is to make a quick buck, you might want to think again. Many people don’t realize how much time and work it takes to be successful. However, if you are interested in the financial markets and would like to learn new skills, trading could be for you.

As we all know, trading is risky – and that’s what makes it so exciting. Therefore, you must not only be realistic in what you expect from him, but also determined and willing to learn.

2. Get to know the markets

Trading is not black and white and every trader approaches the financial markets in their own way. There are many decisions you need to make before you start trading, and one of the most important is choosing the market you want to trade.

3. Creating a financial strategy

If you want to succeed at anything, you are much more likely to succeed if you have a plan in place. Trading is no different, which is why you need a solid financial strategy before you even start putting in your own money.

The world of trading is exciting and profits and losses can pile up very quickly. That said, it can be tricky to remove emotion from trading, but it’s essential to do your best to remain objective.

A financial strategy can help:

  • Establish your risk level, goals and rules for entry and exit.
  • Stick to them no matter what your heart tells you

4. Find a trading platform suitable for beginners

There are many trading platforms to choose from, but not all of them are designed to help new traders take their first important steps. When you’re starting out, the best platform will be one that is committed to continuing education and supporting you every step of the way.

5. Exercise as long as it suits you

Try a free demo account. Put everything you’ve learned into practice and see how the platform works. It’s a free and risk-free tool that guides you step-by-step through the process of closing a trade.

Following these tips will give you business advantages and make it easier for you to succeed.

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Recently, there has been increasing interest in the new broker, and there is probably a good reason for this. As always, we tried to conduct an objective analysis of the action of the new broker in the role of the user. And it is from the user's point of view to understand how reliable and profitable this broker is.