broker review (2022) Review is a trading platform and visual strategy builder, it helps your build your own, trading robot, without programming anything. They have 5 asset classes, Stock, currency and cryptocurrency exchanges and Portfolio management. The company was founded in 2009 in Russia, Moscow. They do not offer a demo account. front


They have 4 solutions:

  • For traders
  • For developers
  • For asset managers
  • For investment business

Checking out the solution for traders, they offer 5 assets: Stocks, ETFs, currencies, CFDs and cryptocurrencies, also Portfolio management, Arbitrage, trend and countertrend strategies with controlled connection to exchanges and Protection from hacker attacks and fishing. for traders

Company regulation

I found nothing about regulations or licences on their website. Only Protection from hacker attacks and fishing. I haven`t found any other reviews or mentions about

Demo account

A demo account is one of the best ways to learn. It’s a virtual account mirroring the live one. You can learn on a real platform with virtual money, that is pre-loaded. Demo accounts are usually free and unlimited, but each broker has different conditions, so don’t forget to check them out. I`m not sure, if a demo account is actually possible with, because Tradematic is more of a software, which helps you trade without risk. Anyway, looking into the support option on their website, they only have videos and articles on how to use Tradematic, but no offers of a demo account. demo

Broker fees can vary and change, there may be additional fees that are not mentioned in this review. Fees shown on their website are monthly payments for the whole software. You can either choose a Standard account for 21 Euros or a Pro account for 30 Euros a month. standard

Registration process

It’s simple. You choose which account you`re going for, either Standard or Pro. Then click on buy. I have tried to do so, but nothing happened, so I`m not sure what happens after the “buy” button. If there`s a form to fill in or the payment needs to be done first. But in their manual, we have it well explained. So after clicking “buy” you get to a payment page, then enter the email that you will use as your login for Tradematic Trader. payment

Complete the payment on the site and download the setup file, to which you have a link. Launch the installation and follow the instructions. When you launch the program for the first time, you will see the activation window. From what they say in their manual, the registration is quite easy.


When setting up the program, you click the menu button and set up a connection to brokerage company or exchange, switch on connection control, choose order type, setup orders control, set trading fee, interest on borrowed funds, slippage and many other options. IB

To connect to Interactive Brokers, download the latest version of the TWS trading terminal and by this time, I`m sure this is not a program for beginners. You can choose MetaTrader 4 or 5 terminal, which is probably more user-friendly. There are 3 trading modes:

  • Automatic — all signals are executed automatically Semi-automatic — to execute a signal, the system needs a manual confirmation.
  • Manual — after signals are listed, orders are submitted manually.

Quite difficult to set up and understand, if you`re not in trading yet. Although, their support is good.

The brokers’ website

To me, the website seems very simple, clean and without pressure. Nothing colorful, flashing or big, just simple text. You`ll find a nice explanation of what they offer, why to go with them and what you can get. It’s further on when it gets more difficult. YOu can send a message anytime from their website and there is Russian live chat, but don’t worry, the chatbot speaks English. message

At the top of the main page you have these options in the main menu:

  • Solutions
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • EN (or RU)

Solutions are what trading you have in mind. If you are a trader or business etc. Pricing shows you the two accounts they offer and support has many how-to articles or videos. So you can learn how to pay, how to contact support, FAQ on trading strategies, order management and trading. There is a video with a quick demo, user manual, webinars and other videos. So the support is really good. video demo

Social networks

I haven`t found any social networks on their website to go to. Only their ways of contact:

  • email
  • chatbot
  • phone

They are registered with Linked-in, but you won`t find any extra information there. That`s a shame because younger traders are used to being in some sort of community, chatting about the program they`re using, asking for help and helping others. It’s a good way to stay in contact with your clients.

Advantages and disadvantages

It’s hard to say, what are the advantages and disadvantages here. It’s not a normal broker, it’s more of a software, that helps you trade. I couldn`t find any fees, I couldn`t find any regulations on their website. They aren`t on social networks, but they have a live chatbot read for you. Their website is simple and the support is very good. When I hit “buy” nothing actually happened, so I couldn`t peek into the next steps. There are no other reviews on the internet, so it’s a mystery.


  • Simple website
  • Live chatbot
  • Support is very good
  • History and team explained on the website


  • Missing information on fees
  • Missing regulations and licenses
  • The “buy” button didn`t work
  • No social networks
Pros / Cons
  • Simple website
  • Live chatbot
  • Support is very good
  • History and team explained on the website
  • Missing information on fees
  • Missing regulations and licenses
  • The “buy” button didn`t work
  • No social networks

Our Score


A trading platform and visual strategy builder. 5 asset classes, Stock, currency, cryptocurrency exchanges, Portfolio management. Founded in 2009 in Russia.